Becoming Carbon Neutral

At Arcticus we believe in the importance of ecological responsibility. We want our products to have a positive impact on the environment and the people that use them, but unfortunately, we live in a world where the production of more or less any product releases CO2 emissions. To compensate for this, Arcticus is proud to announce that we are committed to become Carbon Neutral. This will be possible thanks to the collaboration of our new partners; Tree-Nation and Plan Vivo

This collaboration will focus efforts on planting different varieties of trees and helping local communities all around the world. By doing this we also support our mission to fight against climate change. Along the side, Arcticus will keep donating 25% of is profits to conservation efforts in the Arctic.

Our first project is based in Nicaragua. Here, local communities reforest and maintain the under-utilized portion of their land. In exchange they receive payments for their ecosystem services. Several trees such as Caesalpinia Velutina trees, Bombacopsis Quinata, Albizia Saman, Swietenia Humilis and Gliricidia Sepium trees will be planted for this project.

  • The   Caesalpinia Velutinais a fast-growing tree that can grow between 5 to 12 meters in height. This type of tree is highly valued by the local people and features beautiful yellow flowers. 
  • The Gliricidia Sepium is a medium-sized tree that also grows between 10 to 12 meters in height. It is a fast-growing tree and drought-resistant with a life span of 30 years. 
  • The Bombacopsis Quinata is a fast-growing tree with thick spines up its trunk. This type of tree has excessively been logged over the years and is almost extinct.
  • The Albizia Saman is an especially useful tree that provides shelter and habitat for a large number of animals. Additionally, it is a resistant plant to dry climates.
  • The Swietenia humilis is a native tree that also grows in drier climates. This type of tree has excessively been logged to the point that it is listed as a vulnerable species under the IUNCN Red list.

Thanks to our amazing community and the support received through the sale of our products, we have managed to plant over 400 trees and offset 50,000 kgs of CO2. 

This is the first step of many that Arcticus is proudly taking into being a fully ecological responsible company, that uses the power of its message and products to have a positive impact on the world and our community.

 Written by - Andy Lewis Martinez

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