At Arcticus our main focus is to support and protect the Arctic environment and its wildlife. We do so by donating to major NGOs such as the WWF and by raising awareness of the impact that climate change has on the Arctic.


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1. The Arctic will be the first environment to disappear from our planet due to climate change.

2. At this rate, the Polar Bear and the Pacific Walrus will be extinct in about 80 years due to the rapid decrease in sea ice. These animals depend on ice patches to reproduce and survive.

3. As the sea ice melts more and more every year, new commercial routes are opening through the Arctic, causing more destruction and pollution to the environment and its wildlife. 

4. Animals such as the Arctic Fox and Narwhales are in danger due to overhunting and the constant rise in temperatures, reducing their ability to hide against hunters and predators. 

5. Beluga Whales are at great risks of extinction due to the increased fossil fuel extraction in the Arctic regions. The documented number of beluga whales stands at only 321 (since 2012). 

If nothing is done, in about 100 years, climate change due to human activity will be the single greatest cause for the disappearance of a whole environment and all its wildlife. 


Learn how your purchase will support the Arctic, what organisations we donate to, and their work: 

25% of the profits from your purchase will be directly donated to organisations such as the WWF. The donations are specifically destined to research & conservation efforts in the Arctic Circle.

We mainly donate to the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) which is an international NGO that focusses on environmental preservation.
Learn more here: https://www.wwf.org.uk/

We donate to the WWF via Work for Good UK, a service that facillitates regular donations of businesses to various charities. By donating through their service, the donations are guaranteed to be used for projects in the Arctic Circle.
Learn more here: https://workforgood.co.uk/

Moreover, we sometimes make adequate donations when need be. An example is a donation to WIRES the New South Wales Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service that we made to support the recovery from the Australian bushfires in January.

The donations are used to financially support projects that are taking place in different Arctic countries and involve experts in fields like resource management and climate and wildlife. Current projects include the analysis of ice samples to understand the causes of climate change better and limit its extent. Another example is also the tracking of polar bears to understand their movement better and avoid human interference with their environment.


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