Before you send us a message, maybe we can help. These are some of the question we get very often:

Your order should arrive with you in 7-10 business days. Please be aware that occasionally slight shipping delays may occur.

25% of the profits of every purchase will be donated to the WWF and specifically to projects that are run in the Arctic Circle. Current projects include the analysis of ice samples to understand the causes of climate change better and limit its extent. Another example is the tracking of polar bears to understand their movement better and avoid human interferences. These are only very few examples of how your purchase will support the Arctic.

No, in order to keep the environmental impact of the shipping of your order to a minimum your order will be sent by regular mail in a cushioned envelope, minimising the space it takes up.

Yes, all our bracelets are waterproof. However, when bathing in the sea at light swell, they may be damaged or lost in waves.

This is a very normal finding. In order to guarantee an overall faster delivery of your order bracelets and t-shirts are sent separately. Your t-shirt will be manufactured on demand which is why it will take some more days for it to arrive.

Yes, if you are interested in placing such an order please contact us directly and we will be able to make it suit your wishes by customising it accordingly.

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If we don't resolve your problems with the FAQs above or you want to inquire something different please send us an email here: arcticus.management@gmail.com