Polar Explorer Backpack [BLACK EDITION]
Polar Explorer Backpack [BLACK EDITION]
Polar Explorer Backpack [BLACK EDITION]
Polar Explorer Backpack [BLACK EDITION]
Polar Explorer Backpack [BLACK EDITION]
Polar Explorer Backpack [BLACK EDITION]
Polar Explorer Backpack [BLACK EDITION]
Polar Explorer Backpack [BLACK EDITION]
Polar Explorer Backpack [BLACK EDITION]
Polar Explorer Backpack [BLACK EDITION]
Polar Explorer Backpack [BLACK EDITION]
Polar Explorer Backpack [BLACK EDITION]
Polar Explorer Backpack [BLACK EDITION]
Polar Explorer Backpack [BLACK EDITION]

Polar Explorer Backpack [BLACK EDITION]

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  • In stock, ready to ship
  • Inventory on the way
  • Every Backpack Adopts a Polar Bear 🐻‍❄️
  • Includes Certificate of Polar Bear Adoption 📄
  • Free Shipping with every backpack
  • Made from Eco Friendly Hemp 🍁
  • World's First Waterproof Hemp Backpack 💧
  • Volume Expandable up to 30L 🎒
  • Fits Under the Seat as Cabin Luggage ✈️
  • External USB connection 🔋
Choose the name on your polar bear adoption certificate. If you're considering giving this as a gift, add the name of the recipient to the certificate and make it an even more personalised gift!

Let me introduce… The Polar Explorer Backpack!

This is the first waterproof, hemp backpack. In collaboration with 8000 Kicks we have developed the finest and most durable industrial hemp textile to make this backpack a true companion on all of you adventures. Hemp is a natural fibre that grows with little water and no fertilisers and offers waterproof and highly resistant properties.

Your next backpack comes with multiple functionalities such as a laptop and book compartment, a USB charging sleeve, pen holders, ergonomic back support, adjustable chest straps and hidden pockets.

Most importantly, as for all Arcticus products this backpack also gives back to the Arctic environment. For every backpack, you will receive a certificate of adoption by Arcticus, to commemorate the donation to polar bears conservation that results from your backpack.

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Although possible, we don't suggest machine washing as it might compromise the waterproofing and damage the fabric's ability to repel liquids and dust. Instead, hand wash them with warm water and soap.

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adopt a polar bear

With every backpack, you are adopting a Polar Bear and supporting their conservation

Every backpack order comes with a certification of adoption issued by Arcticus. We donate 25% of the profits from every order to the conservation of polar bears through Polar Bears International.

*Disclaimer: Arcticus is not associated or in a partnership with Polar Bears Interantional.

A World's First

The world's first 100% waterproof backpack made out of hemp.

This backpack is made of hemp fabric with a coating layer to prevent penetration of fluids, spills, liquids, and dust particles, making it easy to clean and stain-resistant. Hemp material is also durable, ensuring the backpack lasts for years without showing signs of wear and tear.

Wide opening

Designed with a wide opening to give you easy access.

From everyday work essentials and gym equipment to weekend gear for a quick getaway, this backpack has got you covered for 2 or 3 days of travel.

Anti Theft Pocket

Keep Your Belongings Safe with an Anti-Theft Pocket

We've all found ourselves on crowded metro rides, unwittingly exposing the contents of our backpacks to potential thieves. Luckily, with our specially designed anti-theft pocket, you can rest easy. The pocket opens exclusively from the back, ensuring that only you have access to your belongings.

Usb power plug

Stay Charged and Connected All Day Long

Featuring a convenient side notch, you can connect your battery from the inside and charge anything through USB on the outside. (*Please note that battery is not included.)



Inside Pockets

A place to store smaller items such as sunglasses case, headphones, small notebooks.

A dedicated space for pens and markets is available at the centre.


This zipper pocket comes together with a USB port that can be accessed from the outside of the backpack.

Simply plug in your portable battery, close it in the zipper pocket, and charge your devices easily from the outside of the backpack.


Featuring a inner lining which keeps smells out of the backpack.

Laptop sleeve

The laptop sleeve is designed to accommodate laptops up to 16 inches, providing exceptional protection with its substantial padding. Your laptop will stay safe and secure with the included strap, keeping everything in place.

book & tablet sleeve

The secondary sleeve is versatile and designed to hold your tablet, books, or full size notebooks with care and convenience. Whether you're carrying digital or traditional essentials, this sleeve ensures they're well-protected and easily accessible.

18 to 30 litres of space

The main area of storage! Expandable with the roll top, this area allows you to store a minimum of 18 litres to a maximum of 30 litres when fully packed. This is enough for 2 to 3 days of items.

Top Cushioned panel

A cushioned breathable back panel that provides lumbar support when carrying the backpack on your back.

Carry on Strap

A strap that goes from side to side can be used to attach your backpack to your carry-on suitcase.

Chest Belt

The backpack is equipped with a chest belt that can be adjusted both in height and length. With this feature, you can easily find the right position and tension to provide excellent support for your bag.

Lowe Back mesh pad

A secondary breathable mesh pad that also provides both comfort and lumbar support while using the backpack on full loads.

Hidden Security Pocket

A concealed security pocket designed to carry essential items such as passports, identification cards, and phones. This feature is particularly valuable during travel, especially in crowded areas, to prevent easy access by individuals around you.

What colour? A hard choice



Hemp is a type of fabric derived from the stem of Cannabis sativa L, a cannabis species that produces a sturdy and resilient material. Compared to other plant stem fabrics, such as linen, jute, flax, and bamboo, hemp is particularly durable and long-lasting.

As a completely natural and biodegradable material, hemp is an excellent eco-friendly alternative to non-biodegradable synthetic fibers. In fact, hemp is widely considered to be the more sustainable option for large-scale production compared to cotton. It requires minimal water to grow and is a high-yield crop, producing more fibers per area than other plants.

Additionally, hemp can thrive in less fertile soil, freeing up more nutrient-rich ground for other crops. According to a 2020 study, 1 hectare of hemp can yield the same amount of fabric as 2 to 3 hectares of cotton, while using significantly less water.

The backpack features two layers of waterproof protection:

1. A coating that repels liquids and dis from coming in

2. A membrane that keeps water out no mater what.

With this your backpacks is more the ready to tae heaven rain showers and splashes of liquids, but of course I cannot be submerged underwater.

Here are some specifications for our bag:

  • The expandable top part can stretch from 48cm to 60cm (18.9'' x 23.6'') when unloaded.
  • The base measures 14 x 29cm (5.5'' x 11.4'').
  • The bag has been measured to fit perfectly as a personal item beneath the seat of an airplane.

The bag is primarily made of hemp (70%), but it contains synthetic materials such as buckles, straps, zippers, lining, and the front logo rubber patch. In addition all pur packaging material is recycled cardboard. 

This backpack has been measured to fit precisely under an airplane seat as a personal item. This allows you to carry it with your carry-on luggage at no additional cost.

This backpack is 100% legal and can be carried with you anywhere in the world. It has been put to the test by traveling to countries like Italy, France, USA, Canada, Morocco, Portugal, and many others without any issues. Made from hemp, a non-psychoactive plant, it is completely distinct from marijuana.

Although cultivating hemp is prohibited in some countries, it is legal to purchase and sell finished hemp products like soap, paper, and apparel as long as they are produced abroad.

Customer Reviews

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Martin V.
Good quality and much space

This is worth the money, very good quality, strong material and lots off space. I like that there is a room for a powerbank that you can connect from the inside to a port, where you can connect the phone or tablet on the outside of the back when you on the go.


Conservation programmes in the Arctic through Work For Good UK to organisations such as the WWF.


Driving action and promoting engagement in the climate change conversation


Arcticus is in partnership with the Sea Life Trust to support the World's First Beluga Whale Sanctuary